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Why should I invest in MANA PAC?

Investing in the MANA PAC allows individual CRNAs to combine their resources in order to make contributions to candidates who appreciate and support the role of CRNAs in the delivery of safe anesthesia and patient care in Maryland.

The MANA PAC is your voice in the General Assembly and serves to protect our profession and our commitment to patient safety.

Support CRNA advocacy efforts by donating to the MANA PAC, participating in grassroots activities, and investing in your future. 

MANA has been protecting CRNAs’ right to practice year after year with 2007, 2008, and 2016 Anesthesiology Assistants legislation.   In addition, MANA has been advancing your rights as a CRNA by elimination of the Collaborative Agreement in Maryland, which was a significant step forward in our quest for independent practice.

  Last year, we advocated for prescriptive authority and received it!


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Why should I give my hard-earned money to MANA PAC?
The MANA PAC allows the collective voice of MANA members to be heard by the elected representatives of the General Assembly.  A strong PAC promotes a strong profession, and now, more than ever before, CRNAs need a strong voice in Annapolis.

Our practice is heavily regulated by state government.  With the stroke of a pen, a bill can be signed into law that can have a significant impact on CRNAs – for better or worse.   To preserve our practice environment, CRNAs must be involved and proactive in supporting candidates who know who we are and that we provide quality nurse anesthesia care to all the people of Maryland.

Without political influence of our own, we have no chance of preventing legislative or regulatory changes that threaten our practice.  Your investment in the MANA PAC is like an insurance policy to protect the roles, responsibilities, and livelihood you have worked so hard to earn.

What are MANA’s 2023 legislative goals?
MANA’s most important legislative goals for 2023 are to continue building relationships with members of the General Assembly and their staffs as well as to encourage all CRNAs to invest in MANA PAC so that when the time comes to support pro-CRNA legislators, the funds will be available.  

Whom does the MANA PAC support?
MANA PAC supports members of the General Assembly who sit on committees that consider issues affecting patient care and issues related to Nurse Anesthesia.  The MANA PAC is non-partisan and strategically donates to campaigns of candidates who have proven to be friendly to the issues and concerns of Maryland CRNAs.

Through strong working relationships with elected officials and high levels of political involvement, the MANA PAC ensures that CRNAs’ voices are heard whenever legislation that could impact our profession is under consideration.  The PAC will help MANA develop strong legislative partners for the CRNA profession and ensure that Maryland legislators support CRNAs as key members of the healthcare team who should be allowed to practice to the full extent of their education and training.  Your contributions ensure that policymakers who understand the CRNA profession will continue to be at the table where critical decisions are made. 

How is the MANA PAC funded?
The MANA PAC is funded solely through the voluntary contributions of Maryland CRNAs, individuals or entities, and corporations. Since funding is not mandatory, the leadership of the MANA PAC must continuously solicit contributions, either directly through this website or through fundraising projects. 

Do you have a knack for marketing and/or fundraising?   Have some clever ideas to share?  Please email Kim Westra at [email protected].

What are the laws governing campaign contributions?
Maryland campaign finance law states that a person may contribute directly or indirectly no more than $4,000 to one political committee, and a total of $10,000 to all political committees, during the four-year cycle.  (2022 Cycle:  1/1/2019 through 12/31/2022)

In addition, a person may not make a contribution in excess of $100 except by check or credit card. A person can make cash contributions up to $100 during a four-year election cycle. Once the threshold is reached, the person is prohibited from making further cash contributions for the remainder of the election cycle to any political committee.

How can I donate?
Few people like giving their hard-earned money away, but remember that without understanding who we are and what we do, legislators could make decisions that negatively  affect CRNA practice and reimbursement.  Your investment in the MANA PAC is an investment in the future of your profession.  We encourage you to join the 365 Club Daily Dollar Donors, which costs just $1.00 per day.  If you’re in a position to make a larger investment check out the MANA Stakeholders option of $500 per year, or $41.66 per month.  If you prefer to make a one-time donation or to set up a special payment schedule, those options are also available.  

Can a student registered nurse anesthetist (SRNA) donate to the PAC?
Absolutely!  SRNA donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. You’re working hard to become a CRNA.  Support the MANA PAC and we will work just as hard to protect your new profession.   Take a look at the “CRNAs of Tomorrow” option which costs just ten cents per day.  

Donate to the MANA PAC today to make sure all Maryland CRNAs are protected!

Note:  Donations to political action committees are not tax deductible and are 100% voluntary. Contributions to the MANA PAC are for political purposes.