MANA PAC (Political Action Committee)

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) have a great profession.  And it's a profession that is worth protecting.

If you are a CRNA in Maryland, politics is your business.  Show your support by making a contribution to the MANA PAC and join your peers in protecting the CRNA profession. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PAC?
A Political Action Committee (PAC) is a group formed to raise and contribute money to the campaigns of candidates likely to advance the group's interests.

Why do CRNAs in Maryland need a PAC?
The MANA PAC was established to increase the political influence of Maryland CRNAs throughout the state. It operates on the state level just like the National CRNA-PAC operates on the national level.

Maryland Law defines our practice. Those who wish to change our practice use their political influence to change state law. Without political influence of our own, we have no chance of success in preventing legislative or regulatory changes that threaten our practice. Maryland CRNAs need this influence to defeat, change, or introduce legislation that affects our practice.

Think of it as an insurance policy to secure the roles, responsibilities, and livelihood you have worked so hard to earn.

How is the MANA PAC funded?
he MANA PAC is funded solely through the voluntary contributions of Maryland CRNAs. Since funding is not mandatory, the leadership of the MANA PAC must continuously solicit contributions.

Member dues do not go to the PAC, only generous contributions by individuals or entities, including corporations or other business entities.  PAC contributions are not tax deductible.

Whom does the MANA PAC support?
MANA PAC supports members of the General Assembly who sit on the committees that consider issues affecting patient care, and the issues in Maryland related to Nurse Anesthesia.

The MANA PAC is non-partisan and strategically donates to campaigns of candidates who have proven to be friendly to the issues and concerns of Maryland nurse anesthetists.

Through strong working relationships with elected officials and high levels of political involvement, the MANA PAC makes sure we are  heard in any legislation that could impact our profession.

What are the laws governing campaign contributions?
Maryland campaign finance law states that a person may contribute directly or indirectly no more than $4,000 to one political committee, and a total of $10,000 to all political committees, during the four-year cycle.  (2018 Cycle:  1/1/2015 through 12/31/2018)

In addition, a person may not make a contribution in excess of $100 except by check or credit card. A person can make cash contributions up to $100 during a four-year election cycle. Once the threshold is reached, the person is prohibited from making further cash contributions for the remainder of the election cycle to any political committee.

How can I donate?
Few people like giving their hard-earned money away, but remember that with a stroke of a pen, legislators could make decisions that drastically affect  CRNA practice and reimbursement.  Donate online today to make sure all Maryland CRNAs are protected.

Note:  Donations to political action committees are not tax deductible and are 100% voluntary. Contributions to the MANA PAC are for political purposes.If you are unable to pay online by credit card, click here to download the PDF form to mail a check to the MANA PAC Treasurer.

Can a student registered nurse anesthetist (SRNA) donate to the PAC?
Absolutely!  SRNA donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. You’re working hard to become a CRNA.  Support the MANA PAC and we will work just as hard to protect your new profession.

How can I get involved?
If you are interested in becoming a part of MANA PAC, please contact the PAC Chair, Kara Douglas, CRNA via email at [email protected]