Candidates for Office for 2021-2022



Maryland Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Report of the Nominating Committee and Slate of Officers/Directors


All 2021 Official Mail Ballots must be submitted to MANA Headquarters by July 21, 2021.

The MANA Nominating Committee presents the following slate of qualified Candidates for Office for 2021-2022.





Hanover, MD
(Candidate 1 of 1)

[email protected]


Affiliation:  North American Partners in Anesthesia/University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center.  MANA Offices Held:  District I Director, 2018-present.  

Position Statement: 

The position of the President of the Maryland Association of Nurse Anesthetists  is no small undertaking. As such, I have taken the time to speak with leaders about how to enhance and promote the vision for our organization.  The nurse anesthesia profession and the representation in this state deserve a leader who has awareness of our professional issues. I believe that the leader should have an agenda that advances and aligns with the goals of the members of this organization and the profession at large. 

This is a time of great change and opportunity for the CRNAs of Maryland.  With my professional background in leadership and my experience in advocacy, I believe I am uniquely positioned to recognize such opportunities and help lead Maryland CRNAs to the next level. 




Odenton, MD
(Candidate 1 of 1)

[email protected]


Affiliation:    Medstar Medical Group Anesthesiology.  MANA Offices Held:  Secretary/Treasurer, 2020-2021. 


The Maryland Association of Nurse Anesthetists represents a body of individuals who promote empowerment, excellence, autonomy, and mentorship. My interactions with its members have reflected the utmost level of integrity and professionalism. 

I earned a Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia Practice from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Coppin State University (2003- 2007), where I was also a member of the Honors Program. Honors Program scholars volunteered at various underprivileged inner-city schools providing academic tutoring and mentoring. I volunteered in the anesthesia simulation lab performing mock scenarios surrounding acute anesthesia emergencies at UPenn (2018-2019). As a member of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) and the Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship Program (DNAMP), I am an advocate for the profession and quality healthcare. The DNAMP fosters networking for persons of diverse backgrounds throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. 

Lastly, as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, I am involved in continued community service, fundraising, and mentorship.  I was a part of the West Philadelphia Women's Day development committee, a healthcare initiative by UPenn for community residents (2018- 2019). As the student representative for the Power of Penn Campaign, I promoted scholarship donations for nursing students. Nurse Anesthesia DNP Committee task force volunteers organized fundraising activities for Nurse Anesthesia Week alongside programs throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Also, as a member of the nursing ministry of Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries, I provide education and various essential healthcare services. 

My role as a volunteer and ambassador with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) includes developing national certification exams for cardiac surgery, cardiac medicine, and critical care specialties (2016- 2018). My clinical experience has provided perspective on disparities and the lack of resources. I currently serve as the MANA Secretary and Treasurer. As the Vice President, I will use my experiences from my current role, and my interpersonal and interprofessional skills to promote the profession, support the president and all members of the organization, and promote unanimity with the Government Relations Committee. Lastly,  I will also serve as a liaison amongst Nurse Anesthetists and their state associations to promote independence in our practice. 

Thank you for your consideration.  




Columbia, MD
(Candidate 1 of 2)

[email protected]


Affiliation:  University of Maryland School of Nursing.  MANA Committees:  Education Committee, 2019-present.  NBCRNA:  Exam item writer, 2020-present. 


This letter serves to apply for the open position of Vice President at MANA beginning September 2021 and ending August 2022. Currently, I am part of the Education Committee at MANA, which aims to improve the education of SRNAs, while continuing the education of CRNAs through virtual and in-person conferences. 

I participated in the planning and preparation of the 2019 and 2020 Fall and Spring meetings, which opened my eyes to the value of MANA and the effect it has on the nurse anesthetist community. 

Most recently, I played a prominent role in creating and leading the virtual SRNA research presentations for the Spring 2021 meeting. During the presentations, SRNAs discussed evidence-based projects currently being implemented in hospitals across the state of Maryland. The participating CRNAs were able to: 1) examine how the findings in the scientific posters can be applied in clinical practice; 2) examine facilitators and barriers to implementing evidence-based practice changes in a specific facility, and 3) discuss how the evidence-based practice changes can improve patient outcomes. 

In addition to my role on the Education Committee, I am also the Director of Simulation for the Nurse Anesthetist Program at the University of Maryland School of Nursing. Recently, I received a Dean’s Teaching Scholar Award which allows me to purchase PAPRs to create a simulation in which SRNAs would manage the airway for a positive COVID-19 patient. 

As Secretary/Treasurer of MANA, I would strive to continue fulfilling MANAs mission, purpose, and goals using both my academic and clinical skills. My vision and direction for the future of MANA include further enhancing research and projects carried out by CRNAs or SRNAs in the state of Maryland which would benefit the profession and encourage national presentations. This can be accomplished by obtaining a larger following of CRNAs and SRNAs by actively using social media platforms and updating our website to make it easier for others to get involved. I would also like to implement the use of quick response (QR) codes to engage our audience. Applying these two suggestions could make a difference for the profession. 



Bowie, MD
(Candidate 2 of 2)

[email protected]



Affiliation:    MedStart Southern Maryland Hospital Center.  AANA Offices Held:  AANA Foundation Board of Trustees Student Representative, 2017-2019. 


I would like to be considered for the MANA Secretary/Treasurer position because I am passionate about our profession and I am dedicated to the advancement of CRNAs. Advocating for our profession begins with educating people about who we are, what we do, and why we are safe and cost effective. MANA enables us to do this by supporting our profession on a state level and advocating for CRNAs and our practice. 

As the MANA Secretary/Treasurer, I will bring my great organizational skills, strong work ethic, and my prior experience as a member of the AANA Foundation Board of Trustees. As a Foundation Board member, I saw first-hand how we used our resources to fundraise money, fund various research projects, and financially support CRNAs’ and SRNAs’ educational endeavors. I want to serve as the Secretary/Treasurer on the MANA Board of Directors to help contribute to the strong CRNA leadership in Maryland and propel our profession forward. 

As a CRNA, I see firsthand the critical role that we play in providing anesthesia services to those in need. We know the essential role that CRNAs play in healthcare. MANA gives us the platform that we need to help the residents of Maryland, and ultimately people all over the world, see how critical and vital CRNAs are to healthcare. I want to be on the forefront of the team helping to promote and advance our beloved profession, starting with the MANA Board of Directors as the Secretary/Treasurer. 





Frederick, MD
(Candidate 1 of 1)

[email protected]


Affiliation:    Johns  Hopkins Bayview.  AANA Committees:  Federal Services Ad Hoc Committee, 2020-present.  NBCRNA:  Applied Clinical Pharmacology CPC Module Recognition Panel – Member, 2018-present; Evaluations and Research Advisory Committee – Member, 2020-2021. Other:  U.S. Navy FY 21 Strategic Goal Advisory Group – Project Lead, 2020-present; Tri-Service Nursing Research Program Scientific Advisory Board – Member, 2021-present. 


I am a resident of Frederick, MD, and I am campaigning for the District I Director position to represent the Garret, Allegany, Washington, Frederick, Carrol, Montgomery, and Howard Counties.  I am an active-duty U.S. Navy CRNA and the current Program Director and a Nurse Researcher at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Registered Nurse Anesthesia Program in Bethesda, MD. 

In addition to my active duty service, I work in civilian facilities within Maryland as part of my off-duty employment, therefore, I am acutely aware of state practice considerations and issues facing CRNAs within Maryland. I am actively engaged as a participant in committees within the NBCRNA and AANA and I regularly attend AANA conference events to include the Assembly of Didactic and Clinical Educators and the Annual Meeting.  I am at a point in my CRNA career where I desire to give back to our anesthesia community and represent our interests at the state level. 

Please consider me as your future District 1 Director. 





Towson, MD
(Candidate 1 of 3)

[email protected]



Affiliation:    Johns  Hopkins University.  MANA Offices Held:  President, 2016; President-Elect, 2015; Vice President, 2014; District IV Director 2012-2014. 


I am passionate about advocating for our profession on many different levels.  As a former MANA President and Board member, the former Chief CRNA at Johns Hopkins, and now currently as the Assistant Director of the new Nurse Anesthesia Program at The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, I strive to advance our profession through policy, education, and leadership.   It is essential to engage the Maryland CRNAs by asking for their time, talent and treasure, to contribute and achieve the greater goals set by the MANA leadership. 

Often times engagement is not a huge ask and the smallest things are so important that every contribution is vital to MANA’s success. I would love to serve as a District Director and bring the resources available to me to help promote our continued success and explore strategic initiatives to strengthen our practice.  



Nottingham, MD
(Candidate 2 of 3)

[email protected]



Affiliation:    St. Agnes Hospital and University of Maryland School of Nursing.  AANA Committees:  AANA Continuing Education Committee, 2020 – present. 


I have been a CRNA for over 16 years in a wide range of clinical environments.  I started my first job as a CRNA at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma center in Baltimore.  Since those first few years in the high-stress and high-paced environment of trauma anesthesia, I have held varying positions across the spectrum of anesthesia services.  I have worked in large academic medical centers, large community hospitals with independent practice, small community hospitals, and independent surgical and endoscopy centers.  Throughout these experiences I have been a staff CRNA as well as a Chief CRNA.  My current practice focuses on regional anesthesia, ERAS protocols, and obstetrical anesthesia at a community hospital in the Baltimore area. 

In May of 2020 I completed my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at the University of Maryland School of Nursing while also teaching in the Nurse Anesthesia Program.  I have been involved in the Nurse Anesthesia Program at the University of Maryland School of Nursing since 2007.  In that time, I have been a clinical preceptor, guest lecturer, adjunct faculty, part time faculty, full-time clinical instructor and now an Assistant Professor.  My primary teaching responsibilities in the nurse anesthesia program include the first year of didactic courses, assisting with simulation, and precepting students in obstetric anesthesia clinical rotations. 

My varied experiences in both clinical practice as well as education will allow me to bring an all-inclusive perspective to the Board of Directors for our state association.  Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to serving and representing the CRNAs of Maryland.




Baltimore, MD
(Candidate 3 of 3)

[email protected]



Affiliation:    BWMC. 


I go by Louis Pasteur’s saying, “Chance favors the prepared.”  I interpret the saying as expect the unexpected.  As CRNAs, our job is to expect the unexpected in each anesthetic we deliver to patients and to be better problem solvers. 

I hope to use my skills to better improve the CRNA scope of practice in Maryland with the help of MANA. My goal as a candidate for District III Director is to help understand the challenges CRNAs face in Baltimore city and find ways to navigate through those challenges. 

On a state level, I wish to work with the MANA Board in improving the scope of practice and quality of life for CRNAs in Maryland. I am also good at adapting to the ever-changing technology and evidence-based research, as well as working as a team member to plan the advancement of our practice. 

Through the use of technology and social media, I hope for more participation in MANA from the CRNAs and SRNAs throughout Maryland. With the two CRNA schools based in Baltimore, I want to engage the SRNAs in becoming more involved in MANA and AANA to support our fight to defend and expand our scope of practice as CRNAs. 





Millersville, MD
(Candidate 1 of 1)

[email protected]


Affiliation:    Anesthesia Solutions.  MANA Offices Held:  District V Director, 2019-2020; District III Director, 2021-2021Continuing Education Committee, 2020-present.  MANA Committees:  Education Committee Chair, 2019-present; Education Committee member, 2018-2019. 


My position is to fully support our CRNA profession and my colleagues here in Maryland and nationwide.  I enjoy representing our membership and supporting their professional goals.  District V is my district so this one appeals to me most!